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957 E Nasa Pkwy #451, Houston, TXOpen 24 hours

Want to sell your house?

Our goal is to help homeowners get a fair deal for their house in any situation that selling their house helps them solve a problem.

For some homeowners, we’re the best financial option and we can offer them more. Their roof leaks, the floors need to be replaced, the carpet needs to be ripped out, the foundation is cracked, and its had termites. It needs new paint, new windows, new bathrooms, a new kitchen, A/C, heater, and the appliances don’t work. It can be a long list of maintenance costs that pile up over the years and it only gets worse with time. We can fix all of these problems for much less so we can pay more.

Others are looking to solve a financial problem and they need their house sold fast. They may be behind on mortgage payments, bills are past due, owe delinquent taxes, have liens against the property, and are facing foreclosure. There could be a sudden life change, like losing a job, relocation, or a health problem.

For the rest, it’s just a personal decision. Their time, privacy, and stress levels are important to them and they ‘just don’t want to mess with it’. We see this a lot with the inherited properties we buy.

No matter what your reason for selling your house is, we’ll buy your house as fast as you want us to, we’ll buy it as-is, we’ll pay cash, we’ll make moving as easy as it can be, and we’ll put in the work needed to make you a fair offer. There’s no obligation or fee for the information we provide.  

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